Benefits of Sexual Integrity

Last week in our Clean Heart Meeting we discussed Chapter 10, Counting the Cost, of When Good Men are Tempted.  We talked about the cost of sexual sin as well as the cost of sexual integrity.  In group we provided the painful consequences of sexual sin in eight areas of our lives.

For homework we decided to bring a list next week of the Benefits of Purity (sexual integrity) in nine areas of our lives:

(1) To my relationship with God:

(2) To my wife (or future wife):

(3) To my children (or future children):

(4) To my health:

(5) To my reputation:

(6) To my close friends:

(7) To my self-image:

(8) To my finances:

(9) To my future.

We should be able to not only know the negative consequences of the lack of sexual integrity, but also know the benefits of sexual integrity.  We have been having some great meetings, looking forward to our next.