Sexual integrity is something that all people desire from others but recently has become a hot topic with some churches, however over fifty percent of men in the church struggle with various forms of sexual addictions; so the question is, do Church goers really desire sexual integrity for themselves?  Do we really believe God’s Word? or deep down in our hearts, do we believe God’s Word is a lie?

The Bible clearly and without reservation provides guidelines for the proper purpose and expression of sex between a man and a woman.  God’s Word continues to provide example after example of forms of sex outside of God’s plan and intention. Yet, over 50% of church men struggle with some form of a sexual sin.

John Calvin wrote that “Adam would never have dared oppose God’s authority unless he had disbelieved in God’s Word (Institutes of the Christian Religion, book 1, p. 246).”  Calvin suggests that the best way to be in control of one’s lustful passions is to simply take God at his Word and obey it.

The problem is that we tend to replay in our hearts the serpent’s infamous words from the garden, “did God really say…?”  We try to bring in our own false logic to lead us on a path of choices that seems right to us, but gives us the opposite results we desire.   Even with negative consequences, we will attempt the same behavior a hundred times with a hundred different variations hoping for Godly results.

Bottom line, maybe we are no different than Adam; maybe we do not believe God’s Word.

Maybe when Jesus told us that we needed to have a child-like attitude to enter the Kingdom of God, he meant that we should take our Father’s Word knowing he desires the best for us.

“Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4, NIV).”

So why do we continue to make choices contrary to God’s Word? Either we believe it or we don’t and if we do, we must start trusting that our Father meant what He said.

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