Viewing Porn: OK at Seattle Library

It never ceases to amaze me when I see the logic of our society, be it religious or public:
·         We are fined and arrested for public nudity
·          If a man urinates in a public area he can be listed on a type of sexual predators list
·         Most communities will only allow “adult” establishments to be built in an approved area of the city or county
·         Regular video stores may sell pornography but it is shelved in a secluded area for patrons 18 years of age and older
·         Children Services will open a child abuse/neglect case on parents who allow their children to view pornography
However, in a Seattle public library patrons are allowed to view pornography via the internet in front of anyone regardless of age.
In a February 2, 2012 article by Vanessa Ho, Seattle libraries: No sleeping or eating allowed, but porn-watching OK,” she reports that, regardless of complaints, people are being allowed to view pornography in full view of everyone, including children.  From my perspective this seems like a “no brainer” and I can’t even believe that this is actually debatable.
Changing the perspective from the public library to the people viewing the porn; how does a person go from viewing something that typically is done in dimly lit places, out away from normal society, to the bright light of a public and family arena?
I would like to hear your thoughts!  I will approve most any comment as long as the dialogue is appropriate for a public forum.


Seattle libraries: No sleeping or eating allowed, but porn-watching OK