He said, by Scott:

 “My body should only be for my husband, and it’s just a sacred thing”Kylie Bisutti

For years I have been hearing from Christian women that they should be able to dress “sexy,” and that it is every guy’s responsibility to control his thoughts regardless of how “sexy” is “sexy.”  Though it is true that men need to take responsibility for their thought life, there is also a responsibility placed upon the Christian woman.

Kylie Bisutti became a Victoria’s Secret model in 2009 and after studying the Bible and considering she was a Christian growing in the faith, she decided that showing off her body in lingerie is not something a mature Christian woman should do for anyone other than her husband. 

In addition to her body being meant for her husband, Kylie realized that there were many young Christian girls looking up to her thinking that it is alright for a Christian woman to show off her body in such a manner to everyone.  She still wants the girls to be able to look up to her as a role model, and is continuing her modeling career, but a model that is dressed appropriately.

I do not know Kylie and I am sure there will be critics trying to point out inconsistencies in her life choices; regardless, concerning this decision, I commend her for making the change.

She said, by Lisa:

 For years, I have NOT been hearing from Christian women that they should be able to dress “sexy,” so I was quite interested in the story of Kylie Bisutti, a girl who in 2009 achieved every little girl’s dream, so I thought. To be a model is one of the pinnacles, the dream little girls list after the age of wanting to be a “princess.” And she definitely looks the part—beautiful! Long hair, beautiful body, beautiful face, I’m sure if I were a man she would be a “dream girl.”

So, in a society where women are told that no one has the right to tell them anything about how they should act, what they should do, and how they should dress, I was pleasantly surprised to see one of the “ideals” saying that she was having second thoughts.  She knows she has the attention of young girls who admire her and feels the responsibility of it.  You see, I don’t hear from Christian women that they should be able to dress “sexy,” because I don’t believe it and my circle of friends know it.  But, it’s not for the reasons that you think.

To dress sexy is a power in many women’s minds, and every store in America will help us in this quest, if we want it.  I don’t.  I have too much respect for my fellow brothers in Christ, and that is what they are.  They’re not men to parade in front of, to try and catch their eye, but brothers to live our lives with, work and serve alongside, and when I carry myself proudly, eloquently, and dressed in a way that honors God, I gain something we women secretly want more from men —wholehearted interest and respect.

Society used to believe in admiring the dignity of truly beautiful women who carried themselves with grace, something that God will endow each of us with if we ask it. We don’t need the sexy look to be beautiful! Don’t get me wrong, I do believe I’m beautiful, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Kylie in the long run will be considered a truly beautiful woman long after the press forgets her. And respected, and honored. Funny, I think that’s what we really want.

Author’s Note: Scott and Lisa have been married for 18 years and have three daughters.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/02/08/victorias-secret-model-gives-up-the-runway-for-the-church-pew/#ixzz1m1Ey65jo

5 thoughts on “Too Sexy: A He Said, She Said Perspective

  1. Interesting post. Frequently (especially in summer months) I tell my wife about how some of our church attenders were “dressed”. They probably don’t realize that in doing so they might be causing a brother to stumble. Or worse…

  2. Mick Jagger from the song “Paint it Black”. I watch the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes. I have to turn my head until the darkness goes.

  3. Great remarks. When in was in choir we were told to dress more modestly. Many men were begging for help from the ministers. Somehow, our mode of dress in the church has become as acceptable as the dress of the American. We now have choir robes.

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