30 Day Challenge

“Anybody can do anything for thirty days.” –Mark Gungor

Do you believe that?  Do you believe anybody can do anything for thirty days?  That is what Mark Gungor said in our last Clean Heart for Men meeting as we completed part 3 of the Laughing Your Way to a Better Marriage seminar.

As those of you who have been attending know, the Spirit of God has been growing the number in attendance, developing the camaraderie, and increasing the positive outlook of possibilities.  I know that God’s Spirit is at work in each of the men who have been attending.

Tuesday night, one of the members of Clean Heart encouraged us all with his report of victory.  He has been attending for three months and each week during a time of confession and celebration he reported with a somber look that there had been no change in his life.  This week with a smile on his face, He told the story of how the week before another man in the group challenged him with an unused strategy with which he agreed to participate.  For the first time in 3 months he told the group of a successful week –Praise God!

At the end of our discussion time the question was asked, “Do we really believe anybody can do anything for thirty days?”   As the men in the room were quietly telling their neighbor whether they agreed or not, I offered the challenge.

I realize that this meeting was the first for a couple, others have been there for only a couple of months, and some have been attending for years.  We all come at this in a different season of life change, but each of us can choose one behavior that needs changing and change it during the next thirty days.

The behavior is not up for me to say, it is totally between you and God; however, I am strongly encouraging each person to make themselves accountable to one other person in the group.  Without real accountability, it is unlikely the thirty day challenge will be successful for you.

After deciding on the behavior to be changed and making yourself accountable, then you must strategize.  We just don’t say that we will not think a certain way, or behave a certain way without planning.  We must develop two or three alternative behaviors that we can do when the desire for the selected behavior of change comes upon us.  If my behavior of change is to not look at the elephant in the room and all I do is repeatedly tell myself, “don’t look at the elephant,” eventually I will look at the elephant.  But if I make a plan to look at the couch when I have to walk through that room, then my chances for success rise significantly.

So for the “bullet point” men in the group, here is the plan:

  • Ask God to point out a “Clean Heart” behavior to change
  • Decide on the behavior
  • Choose someone to whom to be accountable
  • Tell that person what behavior you identified
  • Together agree on some strategies
  • Talk or text with each other every day until Tuesday night March 20th
  • Share your story at the Clean Heart meeting Tuesday night March 20th

Tuesday Night, March 20th, is Celebration Night.  That night we will listen to each man’s story of victory and celebrate God’s work in us all.  We will end that meeting with a prayer of thanksgiving.

Will you accept the challenge?