• What are the current sexual views of our culture? 
  • How have these views influenced my sexual views?

There are many ways to determine society’s sexual views.  We can:

  • Examine the lyrics of  the top songs in various genres
  • We can look at the content of top rated television shows
  • We can look up research articles on the topic
  • We can also just pay attention to the people around us

So we are going to take this and the next three posts to do just that.  In this post we will examine the lyrics of the top songs of today August 16. 2012.

Billboard.com top 100 top 5

(1)   Whistle (Flo Rida):  This song is about kissing with an oral sex euphemism through-out.

(2)   Lights (Ellie Goulding):  This song appears to be about remembering your safe times at home with one’s parents and siblings.

(3)   Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen):  This song is about a girl who instantly falls for a guy and gives him her number.

(4)    Wide awake (Katy Perry): This song is about a couple who were either married or cohabitating and they have ended their relationship.


“This song in particular is a dose of reality. It’s kind of like coming down from a high. You’ve been on cloud nine for so long, and it can’t always be so sweet and sometimes you need to realize that, and you have to pick yourself up and move forward and face the facts of life and know that this is just a lesson you learn and you’re stronger because of it.” –Katy Perry (MTV.com)


(5)   Payphone (Maroon 5):          The lyrics suggest that a couple had broken up and were living together.  They were married or cohabitating, either way they were sexually involved with each other.

Billboard.com top 5 Country Charts

(1)   Angel Eyes (love and theft):  Is about a guy who has an eye on a preacher’s daughter wondering what it would be like to have sex with her.

(2)   Kissed You Good Night (Gloriana):  About a couple who ended their date and each wished they would have kissed goodnight and eventually they do.

(3)   Come Over (Kenney Chesney): This song is about a guy wanting a girl to come over to “warm his bed.”  The guy makes it clear that it does not have to last forever and it does not matter if they work things out, he just wants her in his bed.

(4)   Over (Blake Shelton): This song is about someone wanting to win another over.  The song appears to be appropriate but I do want to point out that it is another song about a relationship.

(5)   Pontoon (Little Big Town):  This song is about a party out on a pontoon boat on the lake.

These songs suggest the following views on sex:

  • Oral sex between two people who are not married is acceptable
  • Cohabitation is acceptable
  • Divorce is acceptable (I realize this is a separate issue.  I bring it up to just suggest that society views divorce as not being a choice of last resort with conflict in marriage)
  • One night stands are acceptable
  • Lusting (imagining sex) in one’s mind for another is acceptable

The songs provide a little insight into societal views on sex.  You could argue that the view is only from the writer of the song but songs don’t get to be at the top of the charts if the public is not requesting them.  Most people enjoy musical lyrics they identify with.

One major theme in all of these songs is “relationships”.  Our society is obsessed with relationships yet our society has a difficult time with the One who created us for relationship with each other and with Him.

Next up we will look at some television shows.

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