Triggers actuates the firing sequence of a gun.  Some triggers are difficult to pull and others are equipped with two triggers.  The first trigger does not actually fire the bullet, once set it makes the primary trigger extremely sensitive and with the slightest pressure will fire the bullet.

Have you ever thought about and identified your triggers?

  • What things when caught by your eyes trigger a lustful thought?
  • What life situations trigger your desire to view porn?
  • Which life opportunities trigger you to cheat on your wife?

Triggers can be nearly anything:

  • Being home alone for an extended time.
  • A woman dressed in a provocative manner.
  • An intense desire to have sex.
  • The due date for a bill to be paid.
  • Fatigue from being overworked.

The goal is to identify your triggers and prepare for them when they occur.  We can’t stop all triggers, where we can avoid them we must do so.  But when we cannot avoid them, we must train ourselves to change the path of the bullet or thought or action.

An animal will develop triggers and learn to respond to the trigger in the same manner time and time again, but we are created in the image of God and can change our reactions to certain triggers. For example the trigger of having an intense desire to have sex that usually is fulfilled with a fantasy, pornography, or any other way could be changed to learning to woo your wife.  To once again romance her to the point that the God given desire for sex is met in a God designed manner.

If you desire to change your behavior, identify your triggers and prepare for them.

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