Many times men are trying to figure out how to live life as a man.  Clean Heart for Men has  an expanded focus to focus on all men related issues.  Men are dealing with a plethora of issues ranging from fatherhood to business ethics to living with integrity in a sexualized world. Many men are trying to figure out how to fix a marriage, or keep a second marriage from the same mistakes as a first, how to parent a step-child, or deal with a teen-age son or daughter rushing into young adulthood, among many more situations.

These are just some of the men related issues we tackle head on in Clean Heart for Men.  We invite you to join us and see if this is for you.  Clean Heart offers a place where you can develop trust and accountability in a confidential environment with other men who are walking a similar path as you…but not walking it alone.  We are here to help guide, discuss, and encourage you as you live out what it means to be a man in todays world.

You may be wondering. why the change?  Originally Clean Heart started out as a need for an addictions group that involved all types of addictions.  The group started to attract many men who had sexually related issues and required a more narrowed focus.  Since starting Clean Heart in Medina, the group has developed a focus that is more broad.  Yes we still address sexually related issues, but we also address many other issues related to men.

One of the biggest lies we can believe is that we can walk the road of manhood alone.  We were not created to live life alone, and yes we can be in the middle of a group and still be alone.  It takes time to develop friendships and trust.  We invite you to give Clean Heart some time to see if this is a place that can help you as you walk the road of manhood.


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