Clean Heart Weekly Meeting

Clean Heart is a God-Centered support group designed to help men
Tuesdaysbreak the chains of sexual misbehavior. Weekly meetings are beginning Tuesday, June 20th, at 7:00 p.m. The average meeting lasts about one hour. Men who have attended, repeatedly say that attending Clean Heart meetings on a regular basis has been instrumental in their success of living with sexual integrity.

Clean will meet at 10 Towns Church  in Medina  at 215 West Liberty ST (  Parking is located at the rear of the building.

Contact for any questions.

What’s the Big Deal?

What’s the big deal?

Why do you bother with Clean Heart for Men?  Do you really think it matters?

How many men do you really think you can help?  How many marriages both present and future do you think you will truly impact?  How many children do you really think you will influence?

Do you really think you will make any difference?  “YES!”

How?  One MAN at a TIME.  One HUSBAND at a TIME.  One FATHER at a TIME.

Take the next six minutes and allow yourself to become aware.

Will you be the ONE?