Parent Approved Teen Sex

According to a March 20, 2012 article by Ben Johnson of, a Planned Parenthood luncheon speaker, Dr. Amy T. Schalet, suggested that parents should allow teens to engage in sexual activity within the confines of their home.  The benefit would be that teens no longer have to hide their sexual desires from their parents and the new openness would develop closeness, previously missing, within the family.

So let’s consider the wisdom of Dr. Schalet to the wisdom of God.

God’s wisdom:

  • God, who created sex, reserves it for the covenant of marriage.
  • God, who created marriage, reserves it for after the man leaves his parents and the two become one.  (We can also infer that the woman is to leave her parents as well.)
  • God, who created sex and marriage, communicates to us in His Word (the Bible) that sex and marriage should last until death.
  • God, who created us, communicates in His Word, that a lack of sexual integrity can cause significant relationship issues.

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Dr. Schalet’s Wisdom:

  • Allow a fickle teen, who develops crushes and “love” with somebody different every few weeks or months, to engage in an activity that will unite them as “One Flesh” forever.
  • Parents should refrain from teaching their teen to control his or her sexual urges, but encourage him/her to act them out in his/her own bedroom.
  • Parents should allow teen to ruin his/her chances for a successful life-long marriage before he/she is old enough to even graduate school, vote, and live on his/her own.
  • Parents should allow the teen to repeat this behavior as s/he desires.

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God, who gave us his only begotten Son and created sex, tells us how we should conduct ourselves for our benefit and what he says is the direct opposite of the wisdom of Dr. Schalet.

Which wisdom do you think would set you or your teen up for success?

I Have No Name! (part 2)

  • Imagine having an issue that kept you isolated from family, friends, and society for 12 years
  • Imagine having tried every medical, homeopathic, and experimental methods of curing your issue over the course of 12 years
  • Imagine for 12 years every thought of yours somehow centered on your issue
  • Imagine the depression you would be feeling after 12 years of only negative results

This is how the woman with the issue of blood may have also felt. You may be thinking, “I don’t have to imagine, I am there right now.”

During the days Jesus walked the earth, there were no newspapers, talk radio shows, television news casts, and Al Gore had yet to develop the internet; however, all of that media does not hold a candle to the greatest broadcast ever, “the rumor mill.”

“She had heard about Jesus, so she came up behind him through the crowd and touched his robe. For she thought to herself, “If I can just touch his robe, I will be healed.”” (Mark 5: 27-28)

“She had heard about Jesus”

We are not told what she had heard about a church, a religion, or a philosophy. We are told she heard about “Jesus.”  We do not know for sure what she heard, but we can be sure she had heard about Jesus healing a man with a skin disease called leprosy; about Jesus healing a paralyzed man; and about Jesus healing the deformed hand of a man.

  • She did not allow the source (person or personality of the person), of her information deter her thinking about Jesus.

 “So she came up behind him through the crowd and touched his robe”

This was a huge decision.  According to her culture and religion, she could be killed for entering a crowd of people and making them “unclean.”  Up to this point she had only risked her money; now she was willing to risk face-to-face embarrassment and most importantly her life.

  • Reaching Jesus was the only thing that mattered to her.

“For she thought to herself”

She had to overcome all of the negative thoughts that have engrained themselves into her daily thought pattern.  She had to overcome the thoughts that none of the professionals could help, so how could a religious guy help?

  • This type of thinking was not just a passing thought for a passing fad; her mental thinking became her “heart” thinking.

“If I can just touch his robe, I will be healed.”

She believed in her heart that if she could reach Jesus and touch something that was touching him, then she would be healed.  She did didn’t think He would just help alleviate the pain or reduce the severity of her issue; she believed the issue would be gone.

  • Doctors “practice” medicine, and many times God allows great medical healings to take place, but Jesus never practiced medicine.  When he decided to heal somebody, they were healed and made whole.

The Learning

  1. We cannot allow how people’s weirdness, fakeness, and hypocrisy taint our perception of Jesus.  We must get to know Him ourselves, and the only way we can do that is by reading the Bible.
  2. Our faith should only be in Jesus, not a particular pastor, church, religion, denomination or anything else.
  3. Real faith is heart faith.  We need to keep telling ourselves what Jesus can do again and again until we believe it in our hearts.
  4. Finally you need to do more than just hear about Jesus, more than believe in your heart, you need to do more than believe Jesus can heal.  You need to believe that Jesus can heal “YOUR issue.”

The woman with the issue of blood crawled through a crowd, overcoming all of her negative thoughts, risking her life, just to touch the dusty and dirty back lower portion of Jesus’ robe.  She was not distracted by her surroundings and she did not hesitate and she did not ask permission.

  • Are you willing to have an attitude like this woman?
  •  Are you willing to come out of isolation and into community with Jesus to be healed of your issue?
  • Stop dwelling in your issue and start crawling to Christ.