Cohabitation- Try it Before You Commit

Over the Christmas season I have seen many commercials and as these commercials were played over and over again, my wife and I came to the decision that some things just don’t need to be advertized, such as, condoms.  This commercial was aired about 500 quadzillion times and may have led to some very sensitive conversation between some parents and their little children.

Many of the new shows coming to television were also being advertized and I noticed that a bunch of them center around relationships and involved sex with non-married people.

It never ceases to amaze me how society will watch entertainment television and movies that involve sexuality with no boundaries, accept those “no boundary” values and live them out in their own lives and then wonder why their personal lives and society produces negative results.  Results like high divorce rates, broken families, expectations that everyone will eventually cheat on the other, and a host of others.

A few of the commercials we viewed over the past few weeks allow the customer to try the service for thirty to sixty days before committing to purchase.  Sadly a large number of people treat marriage with the attitude.  They say, let’s try it to make sure we are meant for each other.  What these people don’t understand is that once they make this decision they have nearly committed themselves to ending their relationship or if they do marry, to divorce.

When we enter a marriage, that marriage should be about serving our spouse; sadly most are about serving “me.”  Matter-of-fact we should be focused on serving our spouse long before we marry them or even know them.

Cohabitation is not about serving our spouse, but is all about being served.  This is the main ingredient for an unsuccessful marriage. did a sermon series titled, “Growing to the Chapel,” and they produced a great video that sheds light on this issue in a bit of a humorous way.  If the video speaks to your heart, I would suggest looking up the sermon series and listening.  Let’s reconsider trying out a wife or husband before we actually commit, let’s reconsider “shacking up.”

Surviving Adultery

Our culture is so sexualized that it promotes freedom of sexual choices, yet wonders why so many marriages fail and why so many of the people who are married involve themselves in adultery.

Adultery is such a gut wrenching ordeal for all the people involved in the “affair;” however, there is hope and divorce is not always the answer.

In today’s post I am including an interview of a couple who experienced adultery and worked through it. The video was produced by and I’ve included all four videos on this post.  Each segment is about 10 minutes in length and is well worth the time to view.